Expertise & Experience

clearPerformance adds value through its experts who are:

  • Seasoned and practical professionals
  • Experts in their fields
  • Managers and doers (not consultants)

Derek Whiteside

Has 10 years of general management experience running the Owens Illinois Central European business of 5 factories across 3 countries, where he led double digit sales growth, transformed the manufacturing operations into world class performers and changed the company culture through a strategy of investment, training, communication, process discipline, recognition and reward.

This followed 15 years experience in the UK, first at Johnson Radley (mould makers) and then the glass container operations of Owens Illinois in the UK. He has additional expertise in total quality management, planning, logistics and HR.

Steve Hammond

Has a breadth of technical experience that is almost unbeatable in the glass industry coming from 30 years experience. He gained factory experience covering every aspect of production for UK operations of Owens Illinois, and later serving as Production Manager, Company Quality Manager and Technical Director.

He later successfully was Managing Director of the UK and Northern European operations. He has additional experience in environmental and safety policies and practices.

Technical Experts

clearPerformance has at its disposal experts covering the following areas:

  • Facility engineering and factory design
  • Furnace and forehearth operations
  • Glass forming – covering NNPB, Blow blow and press and blow
  • Mould and machine shop operations
  • Bottle and mould design
  • Cold end design and performance
  • Hot and cold end coatings
  • Quality systems and procedures

These clearPerformance experts are all seasoned professionals who have developed expertise in a specific area of glass making but who also understand the total process and business driver in glass packaging.

They all have international experience and are skilled at working with teams in different countries and with different cultures.

Their success comes from their expertise, credibility and ability to cooperate on a professional and personal level when working on site.

clearPerformance works with John McMinn of Forehearth Services when specific expertise in this area is required.

Completed Projects

clearPerformance has a record of success in completing projects that prove our differentiation:

Job Change Improvement
Mould Operations
Plant Reviews
NNPB start up

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