Investors in Glass


The clearPerformance blend of business and technical skills enables the delivery of complete and unique support in the evaluation of investment opportunities.

We Evaluate

  • Sales and marketing plans and forecasts
  • Business plan assumptions
  • Technical capability and operational competence
  • Capital plans and requirements

We Add Value in

  • A business plan based on realistic operating parameters, cost structures and financial performance
  • Identifying upside opportunities from targeted improvement to enhance performance, profitability and investor returns.
  • Supporting the investor to evaluate and sense test the project.


Assistance to investors is born out of a belief, based on experience, that clearPerformance will ADD VALUE to investments by evaluating plans and costs through the eyes of experienced glass makers.

We evaluate

  • Concept vs. product mix – facility size, equipment specified must efficiently match the markets to be served
  • Site layout – review and recommend any changes necessary to optimise logistics and productivity.
  • Factory layout – review and recommend changes based on best practice to achieve efficiency of operations and least cost.
  • Equipment specifications – review design, specification and cost of all glass making equipment against job mix, quality standards and best practice.

We Add Value in

  • Efficiency built in at the design stage
  • Optimal specification to meet business needs
  • Elimination of over specification to reduce cost

Completed Projects

2015 has been an active year in the support of investors in glass, with two due diligence projects in Africa and the support of a major multi-national private equity fund in the assessment of Verallia as it was offered for sale by Saint Gobain.

In addition to this clearPerformance is working with a USA financial investor in a green field glass container site in Africa. The project is well advanced with support on the business plan, factory design and recently supplier selection.

Working on the Verallia evaluation was a multi-dimensional project; working with consultants, bankers and accountants to develop an investment scenario, carrying out technical site visits in six countries and providing benchmark data to support the performance analysis.

At the end of the project the client wrote:

“As you have probably read or heard, Saint Gobain announced yesterday that they had entered into exclusive talks with Apollo re: Verallia. Obviously, this is disappointing news given the time and effort that we all put in pursuing this investment opportunity.

We wanted on behalf of the team to thank you very much for the hard work on the project. We very much appreciated the interaction with you and the rest of your clearPerformance colleagues. We look forward to working on the glass packaging opportunity (who knows!).

Many thanks again.”