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Our success so far has come from the value we have added – practical support with measurable results in production performance and profitability. It comes also from the relationships we have developed and the strengths of the clearPerformance team.

We look forward to building on this foundation and adding to your successes in the future.

Derek Whiteside

clearPerformance completed its sixth full year of operation at the end of March 2015 and the success of the company continues as our experts complete projects that add value to our customers through measurable results that are sustained through the transfer of knowledge and the implementation of best practice SOP’s (Standard Operating Procedures).

In fact one of the developments in the past year has been the range of procedures and checklists that have been written up and implemented in our customers operations. As you will see (Glass Producers – Processes), the list is comprehensive but by no means complete and our current focus is on developing written processes to correct forming defects, with the first priority being “critical” in NNPB.

Our experience has shown that SOP’s have most impact when they are tailored to the local situation and ownership for their implementation is with the local teams. In this way best practice is combined with local commitment and the SOP’s become part of the factory’s way of life. A good example is the work we have done on job change improvement, where on the ground guidance and support is backed up with some 17 SOP’s and checklists, giving very concrete results (Completed Projects).

Our strengths and differentiation remains the same – “that we are experts (not consultants), that the results of our work should be measurable and that sustainable improvement comes from passing on knowledge to the local teams”.

Our recent successes include:

Project and Investment Support

September 2014

Is the third area where clearPerformance has added value. The team has vast experience in the design of new facilities and of managing major projects. Recent involvement in three new build projects has given a knowledge that is current and of value to our clients in:

  • Optimising design and specification in line with best practice and business needs
  • Efficiency built in at the design stage
  • Elimination of over specification to reduce cost
  • Project management and control

The tangible results have included: reducing a total project cost by over 20%, changing the proposed line up of machines to fit the job mix and redesigning the plant layout for operational efficiency and cost reduction.


February 2013

Is also a “hot topic”. As markets develop or our customers seek new markets, the need for lightweight containers becomes apparent. Experienced glass makers recognise that NNPB is a step up from normal production and that there are critical factors for success.

clearPerformance has provided support in 3 key areas:

  • Design – getting the parison and plunger right
  • Production facilities – assessing the factory’s capability to produce NNPB based on an assessment and recommendations from furnace to palletiser.
  • Forming support – on site for both sampling and full production.

The results have been that factories are properly prepared for NNPB and successful NNPB production has meant winning orders from major multi-national companies.

Mould Design and Mould Operations

November 2011

Have been of particular interest to our clients as they see clearly how both directly impact glass quality and performance.

To meet this need clearPerformance has developed and delivered in a number of locations, a program that links the mould shop to factory performance and covers

  • Design skills
  • The link between forming and moulds shop operations
  • Standard operating procedures
  • Mould standards.

The value is measurable in both improved PTM and increased mould life.

Completed Projects

clearPerformance has a record of success in completing projects that prove our differentiation:

Adding value
Sustainable improvement
Measurable results
Knowledge transfer

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“I have worked with Derek in clearPerformance from day 1 and as glass maker and general manager, I am convinced that the business that we have developed has a unique offering for the world of glass containers and glass packaging.

I know from experience how important it is to control the variables in glass container manufacture and the framework of DPT (design, process and train) is an excellent way of doing this. This together with our philosophy of passing on skills and knowledge to the local teams means that we have achieved real success that is also lasting.

I get a lot of pleasure of going back to a plant and seeing measurable results that were started with the a clearPerformance project and then delivered continuous improvement because the design was right,  SOP’s were put in place and the local teams took ownership of the action plans we put in place.

For me the pleasure is in seeing the results – not just in the improved performance but in the development of the people I have worked. Passing on knowledge and seeing it being put to good use makes me feel that I am contributing to an industry that has been part of my life for the past 45 years!”

Steve Hammond