Glass Producers

clearPerformance adds value through operational excellence……

clearPerformance is focused on working with companies to achieve operational excellence that will drive improvement in the quality, sales, productivity and profitability.

This we achieve through our expertise, our deep knowledge of the glass container business, our processes, our products and the transfer of knowledge.

Our success is demonstrated in the measurable improvements and sustained performance that results from the projects we have completed.

Business evaluation

Working with glass makers to develop business plans that fit the market and manufacturing capabilities in order to maximise profits.

Examples include : evaluation of capital plans and capacity decisions; linking target markets with technical and quality capability; sales mix and profit contribution and expansion plans in new geographies.

Manufacturing assessment and improvement

Evaluate the performance of a glass container factory based on an on site assessment as well as benchmark performance levels.

Recommend areas for action that will lead to measurable improvement.

Technical projects and problem solving

clearPerformance can immediately provide technical experts support to solve a defined problem or support a technical project in these areas:

  • Furnace operation and utilization
  • Mould design
  • Forming trouble shooting
  • Cold end design and set up
  • Machine maintenance
  • Mould repair
  • Packaging
  • NNPB
  • Factory and facility design
  • Capex planning
  • Processes, procedures and audits
  • Claim assessment and advice
Completed Projects

clearPerformance has a record of success in completing projects that prove our differentiation:

Job Change Improvement
Mould Operations
Plant Reviews
NNPB start up

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