clearPerformance operates to a frame work of DPT (Design, Process, Train) and it is this that underpins much of the success that we have achieved in the glass packaging sector

Most projects can be approached by first looking at Design, then the Processes and finally the Training. In glass container factories where production is continuous, the application of Standard Operating Procedures (SOP’s) plays a major role in controlling variables and managing every part of the operation.

In support of continuous improvement and trouble shooting, there are now over  60 Standard Operating Procedures (SOP’s), checklists and processes that can be put in place to support sustainable performance by the local teams.

These documents currently include:

Job Change: 19 SOP’s that cover the whole job change process from pre-planning to execution.

Mould Repair: 23 SOP’s and checklists that focus on mould inspection of new and changed equipment.

Machine Repair: 26 SOP’s on the checking and maintenance of variable equipment

Glass Forming: 20 SOP’s that deal with machine, forming and defect correction.

Management Processes & Measurements: 10 SOP’s for use by management covering: meeting cycles and agendas; Key Performance Indicators by department and  production planning and scheduling.

These are available as part of the on site support that has successfully resulted in productivity and performance improvements.

SOP’s and Best Practice are illustrated with real examples and photographs from successful projects completed.

Completed Projects

clearPerformance has a record of success in completing projects that prove our differentiation:

Job Change Improvement
Mould Operations
Plant Reviews
NNPB start up

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